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Fariaha Jannat ALam Profile Name : rrurua

19 years (F), Unmarried, Muslim, Adelaiad, Sanacha, Belize.

I am simple and want a very simple true mind life partner


My basic info Profile made by: Self

Non Education in Law, currently enjoying working in Business area. Mothly income Tk. 45000.00 /m. I am doing Mid level job.

I am with Thin body & Shamla body complexion, smoking & No drinking habit. I like to eat Normal food. I follow Bengali community with Traditional style.

I am 5ft 6in - 167cm & 57 kg weight. I speak Bengali. My blood group B(+), I was born in Dhaka, Belgium currently live in Sanacha, Belize. I would like to marry Soon. I have no disability & physical condition.

My family details

  • My father is not alive & his profession Non Working.
  • My mother is alive & her profession Business.
I have no brother
I have 1 sister
  • Divorced, Education, Other profession, Bangladesh
My maternal uncle/aunty side:
Well established
My paternal uncle/aunty side:
Well established
I have Middle Class family. I live with Family. My family is small & happy family.

I am looking for ...

Any kind of Unmarried girl who can be Average body type Bright Shamla her body complexion. I expecting her height around 5ft 3in - 160cm & weight around 53 kg. I would be very happy if she follow any religion with any faith. My dream of my partner education would be Bachelors / Undergraduate with any profession. I don’t care her monthly income. she Must be religious.
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